TNAU trains farmers on Integrated Weed Management

The Agronomy Department of TNAU conducted a one-day training program on Integrated Weed Management to SC Farmers under Scheduled Caste Sub Plan of ICAR, on Tuesday at Chiththalampudur, Srivilliputhur Taluk.

About 50 coconut farmers received the training and they also learned about herbicidal weed management in the cropped and non-cropped areas.

This program was presided over by C.R.Chinnamuthu, Professor and Head, Department of Agronomy, TNAU. He spoke about herbicidal weed management to the farmers and distributed the inputs. He highlighted herbicides recommended for different crops and their safe usage, in particular, he explained in detail about herbicidal weed management for maize and clarified the farmer’s queries.

Muthulakshmi, Assistant Director of Agriculture and Veeraputhiran, Associate Professor and Head, Cotton Research Station Srivilliputhur delivered a special address on weed management for cotton crop.

P.Murali Arthanari, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator; AICRP Weed Management explained the selection, time of application and method of application of herbicides to the field crops.

Later, the ill-effects of Parthenium and its management were also explained and demonstrated the methods of spraying of herbicides for cropped and non-cropped areas. Finally, Thiagu, Assistant Professor (Plant Breeding) formally expressed gratitude to all the stakeholders.