Charity Children gets lucky chance to travel India

Book a Smile with RTI mobilised 500 less privileged students from 19 cities to a flight tour of Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri

Book A Smile, the charity initiative of India’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform Book My Show, in collaboration with Round Table India (RTI) had arranged a tour ‘Flight of Fantasy’ to Delhi and Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri

Farzana Cama Balpande, Head – BookASmile says, “I Believe in Love surviving Death into Eternity.” The Taj Mahal is the epitome of these wordings. It took me 25 years of wishing to see the Taj Mahal before I actually got around to going there and when I finally did, I was overwhelmed by its presence and beauty!  At Book a Smile we thrive on creating memorable experiences for those who are not as fortunate as us. A visit to one of the Wonder’s of the World and our country’s most beautiful monument of Love is the perfect way to celebrate World Tourism Day. This is one such experience that we hope will live in the minds and hearts of the 500 kids that we are sending from different corners of India to visit The Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri.

“We are delighted to work with Book a Smile for this initiative”. Since last 8 years Round Table has been organizing Flight of fantasy but on a smaller scale. This year due to Book A Smile’s support RTI has been able to take this annual event to new heights. Out of these, Round Table India (RTI) alone helped mobilise 500 less fortunate children from 22 different cities. While the visit to the majestic Taj Mahal was a memorable tour, the flight journey excited the children all the more. “We more importantly hope that through our joint efforts, we were able to create a positive long lasting impression on children.”