Katy Perry to perform in India on Nov 16th

International celebrity and pop singer Katy Perry arrived in India today to get ready for the OnePlus Music Festival that will see several local talents share the space with the US star singer. The fest is scheduled to take place in DY Patel Stadium, Mumbai where British singer Dua Lipa will also be performing alongside Katy. The other talents include Amit Trivedi, Ritviz, The Local Train and As We Keep Searching.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez will be the host of the show. She along with Katy Perry addressed a special press conference in Mumbai today. Katy said “I’m excited to watch some of the other people performing. I’m totally excited to immerse myself in the culture, this week in Mumbai. I am not the girl who stays indoors and orders room service. I go out, seek the world, I love people, culture, traditions. You’re going to catch me on these streets.

I am excited to meet anyone interesting, who has a great perspective, care, kindness and empathy for the world and wants to do compassionate artistic thing. That’s the kind of people I want to hang out with. I’m sure Jacqueline is definitely going to take me shopping, eating.

I’ve always wanted to come to Mumbai. I went to a couple of places seven years ago, did a cricket match, had some fun in Rajasthan at one point in my life. But I’ve always looked at Mumbai as a destination I really want to be at.

I have heard it’s the most fun and it’s where arts, culture and entertainment (come together), and Bollywood. I’m excited to indulge in all things Indian”