President of FETNA expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bakthavathsalam

Dr Bala Saminathan, President of FETNA (Federation of Tamil Associations of North America) from New York expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bakthavathasalam, the chairman and the managing trustee of Dharmaveera K Govindaswamy Naidu Medical Trust, which runs the K.G. Hospital in Coimbatore, for the warm hospitality and personal tours provided by Dr. Bakthavathasalam during the visit of Dr. Bala Saminathan.

And praised Dr.Bakthavathsalam for his vision and dedication to building a multi-specialty hospital 50 years ago have made a profound impact on the community, and it was an honor to see the fruits of labor Ashok, his vision and efforts in developing the SEZ have brought significant economic growth and opportunities to Coimbatore, and it’s impressive to see the lasting impact of his work.

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to experience your family’s legacy in education and transformation. Your kindness and generosity have left a lasting impression on me. Thank you again for your time and warmth. Dr Bala Saminathan added.