TNAU Trains Scientists on ‘Volatilomics’

TNAU’s agricultural microbiology department trains scientists on Volatilomics which is a short course to understand plant-microbe interactions and stress management in crop plants for a greener tomorrow’’ sponsored by ICAR, for 10 days from 01.2.2024 to 10.2.2024. The training was inaugurated by R. Thamizh Vendan, Registrar, and TNAU. Dr. U.Sivakumar, Professor & Head gave the welcome speech and briefed them about the various departmental activities and the training concept. In continuation, the participants from across the country made a self-introduction about themselves and their interest in the short course training program. Following this, the presidential address was given by Dr. P. Balasubramaniam, Director, and NRM. In lieu of this occasion, our Honourable Chief Guest Dr. R. Thamizh Vendan, Registrar, TNAU released the short course manual and delivered his inaugural address. In his address, he appreciated the department for its various activities & research on plant-microbe interactions and he highlighted the contribution made by the department in high-impact publications and congratulated all the participants. Finally, Dr. R. Anandham, Associate Professor (Micro) cordially thanked each and everyone for the successful completion of the inaugural session. Professor and Head from SS & AC, ENS, PHTC, Scientists of this Department and Directorate, Students, and Research Fellows also participated and graced the function.