Exercise helps you evade heart disease risks

– Dr.J.S.Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Speciality Hospitals.

In connection with World Heart Day 2020, Dr.J.S.Bhuvaneswaran, Director of PSG Super Speciality Hospitals and Professor of Cardiology, shared his optimistic message on how we can keep ourselves safe from heart diseases and why we need not worry much about them.

“Everyone has fears about heart disease. At present, we are living amidst this pandemic period and news about how COVID-19 can possibly increase the risk of heart diseases may raise the level of fear about heart disease too.”

“With the advancements in the field of medicine today, there are many tests and checkups that could help one identify whether he/she is at risk of heart disease. For instance, an annual master-health check up could help identify what’s wrong in the body and give a statement of the progress. There are effective treatments for heart disease and if it is taken on time, then one need not fear about heart disease.”

“If you are looking to prevent yourself from getting heart diseases, then you need to consume food that is natural and not deep fried, processed or preserved. Provide yourself the time to exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes a day. Just a brisk walk or a nice morning jogging would do.”

“There is a saying ‘If you don’t have the time for exercise, then have time for heart disease’. I am sure we can find some time to give it to our body for its improvement through exercises.”

“So I would advise you not to fear heart diseases but keep yourself alert enough to identify it, treat it and win it. To prevent it, you should exercise.”