Should you Boycott Amazon or find the seller?

On 16.5.2019, Twitter and other social media users came to know that Amazon’s US Website has toilet seat covers, door mats, slippers that uses the images of Indian Gods, Flag and some even featured Gandhi’s face on it to sell. Many Twitter users started the hashtag #BoycottAmazon and it instantly became the top trending content in Twitter.

Some of the Indian users even shared the images of the US Website featuring the aforementioned products while many have purposely cancelled the products they had previously ordered and uninstalled the Amazon app.Twitter users have called their fellow Indians to boycott Amazon.

What these folks have failed to understand is that Amazon didn’t make these products or is selling them to the customers. Amazon is a platform for sellers and manufacturers to sell their products. If we wish to take their frustration legally on those who have abused our land and deities, then we must take it on the manufacturer of these products first. Of course Amazon deserves our fury but uninstalling is not going to stop the manufacturers of those derogatory merchandises to stop making such items.

This is no ordinary issue and the real cowards behind the manufacturing of these products must be brought to light and producing such contents should be banned on a global scale. By the way, in two months we shall be celebrating our Independence Day. Let us keep in mind that many tri-colored badges have been discarded without guilt. Let us not forget to be patriotic on that day too and not just on taking down Amazon.