KCT’s Yugam assembles 40+ high Octane Events on the Third Day

 On Saturday, the third day of the Mega Techno-Cultural fest of Yugam 2023 was dynamic with events catering to a diverse range of audiences and the major highlights include RC Xtreme and Tech Expo, amidst 40+ other events.

RC Xtreme, hosted at RC Track, Kumaraguru Campus kindled the urge of indulging in a test, the desire to take chances, and the desperation to achieve success. It involved a controller, and a car, and had a lot more action and emotions as the racing controllers competed to win. Participants were in one of South India’s main racetracks to witness and immerse in a race of its kind. To recognize the relentless spirit of the winners, a sum of 40000/- was also offered as cash prize.

Meanwhile, Tech Expo 2023 was a stage for exhibiting emerging innovations on major blooming technical aspects answering the challenges of today. The event brought a unique platform for students across India to showcase their prototypes or proof of concepts to various industries and investors.

The major categories of innovations include Artificial Intelligence, Agri-tech, Health Tech, Smart Cities and Infrastructure and Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. The works of Electro-techies Team from various colleges were appreciated with cash prizes amounting to 50000/-.