Intl.Journal lauds mentorship provided by Ganga Hospital to Hand Surgery Fellows

The important place that Ganga Hospital holds in the world of healthcare is often stated in newspapers, media, reputed journals etc.

This time the expertise of Ganga Hospital in Hand Surgery and in offering mentorship to US Surgeons taking ‘The American Society for Surgery of the Hand International Traveling Fellowship’ have been underlined by the Journal of Hand Surgery – American.

The fellowship is specifically designed to supplement the training of young US hand surgeons in brachial plexus surgery, replantation surgery, and reconstructive microsurgery by spending short but intensive periods at some of the premier institutions in China and India.

In the article titled ‘ The Role of International Traveling  Fellowships in Training the Contemporary US Hand Surgeon’, the authors – Jacques Hacquebord (MD), Dr.Aaron Berger (MD and Neil Jones (MD) – talk about how US based surgeons on Travelling Fellowships thought that it is they who will be transferring their knowledge to their overseas counterpart, but in few cases it has turned otherwise.

The authors have stated Ganga Hospitals’ excellence in offering mentorship to Travelling Surgeons in their article. The Primary Hand Surgeon at Ganga is Prof. Raja Sabapathy.

They wrote, “For US surgeons, there is often a tendency to assume consciously or subconsciously that any international visit, especially to a developing country, is a transmission of knowledge from the US surgeon to the surgeons in the overseas country. However, ASSH International Hand Surgery Fellowships to institutions such as Ganga Hospital in Coimbatore, India and the participating hospitals in China allow the fellows to quickly realize and develop respect for the tremendous level of knowledge and skill their international mentors possess.”

The authors mentioned that the surgical expertise gained by the ASSH International Hand Surgery Fellows can be passed on to orthopedic residents, plastic surgery residents, and hand surgery fellows at the fellows’ home institutions back in the United States.