The Mersal Magician – Tijo Varghese

Magic is a form of entertainment that people of all age are attracted to and there is always a curiosity to find out how tricks are done in apparent violation of science. It is this curiosity that keeps people glued to what the magician contrives to do.  ‘Mersal’, the critically acclaimed recent block buster of Indian Cinema in the year 2017 runs with a magician being the centre of action, the role being played by actor Vijay.

There is a real magician by name Tijo Varghese, a 30-year old man who hails from a business family in Coimbatore, displaying his magical tricks amusing people. He started to develop an interest in magic at the age of 10, and has succeeded in enthralling people with his tricks.

He has now got numerous awards to his credit filling his show case. What is very special about Tijo was is the ability to do many tricks with his eyes blindfolded. The Indian Book of Records has recognized him for Blindfolded Magic performance for an hour and for the longest Solo Magic performance for two hours.

“It all began when a magician came to my school and performed magic which really amazed me as a little boy. His performance created a lot questions in my mind and I became very curious to know the secrets of magic. The trick lies in finding answers that people have no knowledge of,” Tijo said.

Although his family has a manufacturing firm that produces DC Motors, which is one among the leading manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu, Tijo has chosen to follow his passion by unveiling the secrets of Magic, for which he had no time at the early stages of his public performance.  “When I approached the experts to teach magic to me, no one really was wiling because their success relied on secrecy.

But, I took those incidents as my stepping stones to success,” says the successful magician, who has multiple awards to his credit now recognized by various associations like World Records India, Bharath Book of Records, Andhra book of Records, Vajra World Records, Online World Records, Amazing Indian Book of World Record, Bharat World Records, Kohinoor Book of World Records, Champions Book of World Records, Indian Icon Awards 2017, Keerthi Kiranam Awards 2017, Global Records, Asia pacific records and National Book of Records.

He calls Magician Johnson and Magician Jammu as his Guru (Master) for helping him over the past two decades to learn the basics of Magic. “It is only after associating myself with the magicians associations that all the magicians came forward to help. It was possible only because of Magician Johnson helped me join those associations,” he said.

“I have also done  research in magic,” said Tijo who, who also holds two Honorary Doctoral Degrees, one given by the World Record University, Faridabad, Haryana and another by the Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education, Bangalore.

“The recognitions I have received so far was possible only because of the hard work that I had put in over two decades.

I have a separate room in my home surrounded by glass, where I practice daily for at least 2 hours. My parents have been pillars of strength for me and, now, my wife also chips in helping me to realize my dream,” says a happy Tijo.

In the last few years Tijo has risen like a meteor in his career, not only recognition at the national level but also competing with magicians across the world.

‘Jadu Shiromani Award’ for the Best Entertainer of the Year 2017 was his recent achievement at the Magicians Convention, which was held at New Delhi, where a number of magicians from India and other countries participated.

“Magic is like the sky; there is no end to it. I often try to perform different tricks in magic. May be it could be the reason behind my success,” said Tijo who has also applied for Limca Book of Records and Guinness World Record for performing new magic tricks,” he said.