LCT’s UV-powered products to help fight virus

Coimbatore based Laser Craft Technologies (LCT) launched unique UV products for Sterilization and Disinfection on Monday. The company claims that these products can sterilize at 360-degree and destroy 99% of all the germs & viruses.

Laser Craft’s MD Sasikumar said that while people sanitize their hands, they don’t clean objects like Currencies,Wallets, mobile phones, etc. To overcome this, LCT has  manufactured specialized products – Sterilizer/Disinfection Cabinet, Foot Mat, Sterilizing Chamber, Sterilizing Tunnel Conveyor, Blaster- all these are UV-powered.

The company said in a statement that all these products are certified with Testing & Inspection under FDA Regulation and are NABL Accredited laboratory tested products.Speaking on the special features, LCT spokesperson said that their product is specially designed & manufactured to fight against COVID-19.

LCT has different models of UV Sterilizers for Offices, Spa & Beauty Parlour Clinics & Hospitals, banks, Homes, Post office &courier offices, Jewellery Shops, Room Disinfection, Scanning & X-Ray, Meeting halls, Banks, etc..,