Bright minds of TN shine brighter in Kriya 2020

Problem-Solvers are the need of the hour in every part of our country. With the progressive changes in life fostered by technology, several needs of the community and needed-transformation in society could be addressed and resolved by technology.

Such transformation could be made possible if the youth of the country are given the time, training and the platform to exhibit their skills in technology and creativity. One such event is Kriya, an annual techfest for engineering colleges conducted by PSG College of Technology a.k.a PSG Tech.

This year, the 15th edition of PSG Tech’s Kriya was held for engineering colleges in and around Tamil Nadu between 21.2.2020 and 23.2.2020. The fest was aimed to give the skilled and aspiring students bring their A-Game to the floors in technical/non-technical events.

Palaniselvan Sababathy, Director-Projects at Quality Engineering and Assurance Practice, Cognizant, Coimbatore inaugurated Kriya 2020. Day 1 started with inauguration and a guest lecture by award winning animation artist Divakar Kuppan, an alumni of IIT Bombay.

Events and Discussions on Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience, Cognitive Computing, IoT,Python and much more promising concepts were held. 

Out of the many events, the high point of the day was Eureka where the ideas and mere theories of the participants were born again as products.


Day 2 got even better beginning with a guest lecture on solar materials by Mr. Sudhir Chandrasekar, founder of Phovesto Powers, Hosur. Students were eager to participate in events like RABG 2.0 and Innovative Culverin. The day ended harmoniously with a show by Tek Music

On Day 3, events like Robot-Hacker, League of Drones, RABG 2.0 (Robot Automation) and much more other interesting events took place. In the end, Kongu Engineering College was declared the Overall Champions of Kriya 2020.

A pat on the shoulders should be given to those organizing student members. The Covai Mail witnessed their perseverance and dedication. From getting sponsors, managing the programs and the crowd to completing the event, the team of students (mentored by faculty and seniors) exhibited dedication to end Kriya 2020 on a high note. Kudos to Kriya !