A Unique VR Gaming Café dawns at Covai

Video Games are an entertainment that everyone loves to play. Over the times, video games have evolved to a greater level such as Virtual Reality, making the experience even more enjoyable and premium.

With the aim to make the latest advancement in gaming available to all at an affordable pricing, Primus Virtual Reality Gaming & Café- Coimbatore’s First Exclusive VR Gaming Café has been launched recently.  A statement from Primus said that the center gives the patrons a 360 degree enhanced experience o activity and experience based  VR Games where they can be a part of the world they are playing in.

The VR center comes with a café making it an ideal place for family parties, friends’ get together or just to take some time off and experience over 1000 VR Games. It was conveyed that Primus is also taking Virtual Reality to benefit the education system with PAVE – Primus Academy for Virtual Education, an education method that makes learning more engaging and interesting.

The center assures to introduce new games every month. Patrons from 7 years to 70 can play games according to their age. The idea of Primus Gaming was conceived by two women entrepreneurs to give all the gamers a hub to immerse themselves in their favorite form of entertainment, said Shanmathi, Café Owner.