The best time to buy Tanishq diamonds is now

Tanishq, India’s largest and most-loved jewellery brand, has announced an exciting offer on its wide range of diamond jewellery across all its collections. Customers can avail up to 20% off on various diamond offerings from Tanishq. The more one purchases, the higher is the discount offered by the brand. The offer begins on 27th July and will be on till 3rd September, across all Tanishq stores in the country.

Owning a diamond makes one feel special and unique, and is the most precious gift for any occasion. At Tanishq, one will be spoilt for choice with the besteverrange of designs on diamond products. Tanishq has a set of guidelines and principles that they abide by, known as the Diamond Promises. Every piece of diamond jewellery at Tanishq meets the highest standards of colour, clarity, carat, and cut.After stringent quality checks, only the best diamonds make the cut, that is roughly around 6 out of 10 diamonds. Every diamond on a Tanishq product has the ideal cut which ensures that the diamond has a brilliance that is unmatched and of equal grade and quality. Each piece of diamond jewellery is created to perfection and only the best diamonds make the cut to adorn a Tanishq product.