PSG Tech’s 1959 B.E.Batch celebrates Diamond Jubilee

The Alumni Association of PSG College of Technology organized the Diamond Jubilee Reunion of the B.E.1959 Batch on 29.6.2019. The Alumni of the batch, who are in their mid-80s, defied age & attended the event enthusiastically and cherished their timeless memories through this event.

A.V.Varadharajan, Past President , D.NandaKumar, President, PSG Tech Alumni Association  and P. Radhakrishnan, Director, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies graced the occasion with their presence. M.Arasu, General Secretary, PSG Tech Alumni Association supervised the arrangements.

M.K.Natarajan, one of the members of the ’59 batch welcomed the gathering and mentioned that out of the 99 members of the batch, 40 have entered Elysium and a minute of silence was observed in their honor. He recalled their past memories where they were blessed to be with Dr.G.R.Damodaran and enjoyed his teachings. They proved that they are young at heart when they started talking about their college days and timings as well.

A.V.Varadharajan in his address greeted all the alumni of the batch for attending the event with passion. He conveyed that the contribution of the Alumni in construction of GRD Science and Technology Museum is significant and he stated that the project is nearing its completion in another 3-4 months. The multi-crore invested 40,000 sq.t museum will be an iconic structure that will add glory to GRD’s name, he said and requested them to extend their commitments which they are voluntarily contributing. He wished them long life and appreciated them for their presence.

D.Nandakumar while addressing said the strength of the college is its Alumni Association, which has 13 chapters in India and more in abroad. “We want our alumni’s to share their wisdom and knowledge and not just their financial contributions. I am proud to say that our illustrious alumni have been extremely supportive in the rise of the next generation of empowered students of PSG Tech by providing them educational aid, internship programs, participating in the college’s activities, sharpening the minds of students via Alumni Congress every 2 years; they also play an active contribution in strengthening the curriculum and bridging the industry-academia gap”.

Highlighting the GRD Science and Technology Museum, he said they have consulted with  renowned  Creative Museum Designers to add aesthetics to the interiors of the museum and are in plans to feature several elite exhibits that will give great value to the GRD Museum. He wished them a long life and said he hopes to see them for the platinum jubilee.

P. Radhakrishnan addressed the gathering next and conveyed to the alumni that in the Academic rankings and infrastructure the college stands at the summit of success. He mentioned the laudable accomplishments of PSG Tech in the year 2019 to them . “I am glad to convey that our college has been ranked among the top 100 Engineering institutions in the country for 2 consecutive years by the MHRD. Our Principal and Managing Trustee have been visiting the president to receive the honors last two years; and your share as alumni is valuable in this regard. Your success as a graduate of this college is the college’s success in producing responsible and productive citizens for this country and we are elated to have you all here. ”

The alumni then interacted with each other and gave their thanks to  L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities for giving them this wonderful opportunity to regroup and celebrate the occasion.