ELGi unveils its upgraded products at INTEC-19

ELGi Equipments showcased its upgraded range of Encapsulated Screw Air Compressors, (ENCAP/EN) with variable frequency drives (VFD) and Heat Recovery Systems at the International Industrial Trade Fair – Intec 2019.  ELGi also displayed its range of EG Series Screw Air Compressor and direct drive piston compressors.

The new range of encapsulated screw air compressors address a customer’s varying air flow demands with high energy efficiency. The EN VFD optimizes air flow by varying the motor speed of the compressor according to air demand, thus saving energy costs unlike that of fixed speed compressors. The EN series models also come equipped smart controllers that monitor, control and protect the compressors from failures by shutting down the compressor whenever necessary.

The ELGI heat recovery system (HRS) helps companies recover approximately 96% of heat generated during the compression process which can then be utilized for heating air (space) or water.  This in turn eliminates additional equipment requirements to heat water or air, thereby becoming an energy saving device and contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Jairam Varadaraj, MD, ELGi Equipments said ” At ELGi, we’ve made a commitment to every customer across the globe. Our compressors  offer maximum energy efficiency and sustainable advantages from a total cost of ownership perspective”