Crores won’t help your children when you don’t care

Dr.Ahila Ayyavoo, Consultant in Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes, GKNMH

Children generally need good care until they grow as adults. Diabetes affected children need great care because they need timely medication, proper check-ups and ideal food intake. Both the parents and children need constant awareness and instruction about maintaining the blood sugar level , taking in proper insulin and much more.

For the children with Type 1 Diabetes, who are patients at G.Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, every year the hospital organizes a Special Camp to bring together all the patients and their parents and give the motivation and also to give  guidance to them  on the Do’s and Dont’s they have to follow to keep diabetes away from affecting their life.

Dr.Ahila Ayyavoo, Consultant in Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes, GKNMH spearheaded this camp. More than 40 diabetic children and their parents participated in this camp. When we spoke to her, she said “This is a camp that is meant to instruct and inspire the Type 1 Diabetic children and when the patients who have survived the pangs of diabetes through proper medication attend and talk to those who currently suffer from the fangs of diabetes, they get a positive feeling that they too can overcome diabetes. We will have an awareness session, an interaction session and some enlightening entertainment programs that also touch upon Type 1- diabetes”

Addressing the gathering, she asked all the parents to help their children maintain their blood sugar level between 100-160 mgs. She said maintaining this ‘Glucose- In- Range’ (GIR) should be their target from today. She advised them to take the required amount of insulin for the food they will take and not the other way around.

Not all will have the same physical system and one food that suits a Type 1 Diabetic patient will not  suit another and she asked them to adjust the insulin dosage  fifteen minutes prior to the food they wish to take.

She stressed that checking the blood glucose level on a daily basis is a must and if there is any sudden rise and fall in the blood sugar level, they must take note of what food they took and increase the insulin dosage as needed. She advised them that maintaining a regular record of the Blood Sugar Level is vital and very important.

She asked them to avoid those friends or relatives who don’t show their support the patient’s recovery or in elevating their spirit. She also wanted them not to take into consideration of all the Google-powered All-Knowing neighbors who only suggest what Google suggests. She urged them to not hesitate to tell their true friends and well-wishers about their diabetes, as they will surely be of support during times of emergency.

She made it a request to all the parents of the diabetic children to stay strong, united and committed to provide care for your children and counseled them that crores will not help if they don’t show care.

Following this, there was a question session where the parents asked their questions and were clarified by Dr.Ahila Ayyavoo. The young surviving patients, James, Jeniffer, Sakthi Vignesh, Uma and many others inspired their fellow surviving patients by instilling confidence that they too can taste success if they take the advice of doctors and medicine perfectly.