SPAR Hypermarket visitors witness stunts by Mike Jensen

SPAR Hypermarket, one of India’s fastest-growing retail chains partnered with Red Bull, conducted an exciting event at Prozone Mall, Saravanampatty.

Mike Jensen, the No.1 international stunt biker with a huge fan following, visited Coimbatore for a stunt performance as well as a meet-and-greet session. SPAR was the exclusive retail partner for the event. Mike Jensen kept his racing bike on display to the public for two days prior to the event.

Danish stunt biker Mike Jensen is one of the youngest riders in the field, and has gained numerous accolades since the beginning of his career in 2010. He is a double world champion in stunt riding, defending champion of the Irish Freestyle Stunt Series (IFSS), Winner of the XDL Championship, Winner of the Czech Stunt Day and MBE Verona, Italy (Motor Bike Expo), Winner at German-Stunt days (GSD) & 2016 and 2017 Stunt Masters Cup champion.