Milaap- Mobilizing Support for Healthcare

Safiullah bagged a seat in the Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, but the joy was short-lived. He was suffering from extrahepatic portal vein occlusion (blood clotting in his food pipe). His condition soon worsened requiring urgent medical attention. The cost of his hospitalization and treatment added up to INR 1.25 Lakh, an amount that looked impossible for the family.

A college senior who wished to do more than just making a single contribution set up an online fundraiser  on Milaap. Students pooled in whatever amount they could, from Rs. 50-60 to as high as INR 20,000. Safiullah, now is back to his normal routine. Similarly, about a year before this, Aravind was devastated when his father suffered a heart valve rupture and developed multiple complications in the course of the heart surgery.

He had to undergo a lung surgery along with permanent dialysis for chronic kidney failure. Three weeks in the ICU, all of this completely drained the young son. A message posted by him on his college alumni network really moved one of the members who went ahead and set up a fundraiser  on Milaap. When the link was shared on the group again, people from across the world came forward and helped Aravind. Milaap works with over 15 hospitals across the state, and is looking to collaborate with more hospitals, especially in growing cities like Coimbatore.

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