DTDHI partners with 13 leading hospitals in TN

Over the years, Tamil Nadu has been facing a high incidence of dual disease (communicable and non-communicable) burden.

Rising incidence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) has put the state on high alert and healthcare providers are now joining hands for comprehensive care management providers. To deal with dual disease burden effectively, leading hospitals of Tamil Nadu have partnered with global leader in health-tech space DayToDay Health India (DTDHI). In the last 3 months, DTDHI has partnered with leading hospitals like 2000 bedded PSG Hospitals and 13 other leading hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

DTDHI is partnering with leading hospitals in South India to transform patient experience in acute care management. Its virtual care platform and care services augment existing acute care programs by integrating continuous, holistic guidance that supports patients and their families.

It seamlessly transforms patient care journeys beyond the hospital environment as it mitigates avoidable complications, improves clinical efficiency and enriches patient experience. Clinical care programs offered are under the fields of cardiovascular, urology, orthopedics, gastrointestinal, oncology and general surgeries.