Godrej & Boyce unveils ultra-low-temperature freezers  

While the vaccines against COVID-19 have become a reality today, there is a strong need everywhere for efficient cold storage facility to maintain the potency of these life-saving drugs.

Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, unveiled the state of art ultra-low temperature freezers to its portfolio, strengthening the vaccine cold chain further. These advanced medical freezers can preserve life-saving medical supplies including critical vaccines below -80°C and are aimed at boosting both Indian and global medical cold chain.

The ultra-low temperature freezers are a new addition to this portfolio and are particularly suited to mRNA based vaccines which are being deployed in other countries currently.

Godrej Ultra Low Temperature Freezers have inbuilt safety systems with alarms to protect secondary compressor in case of unlikely pressure build up. Features like 2 step sealing & Internal separate doors to help avoid temperature ingress and Oil recovery for secondary system for long running, boost the overall efficiency of the unit during operation.

Furthermore, back-up systems like Liquid CO2 or Liquid NO2 ensure safety of stock stored, by maintaining a stable temperature for over 48 hours, in case of a power outage or an unlikely system failure.

Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd. said, “depth of coverage and sustenance of Covid-19 vaccination drive will be key to ward off further spread of the pandemic.”

“Today, nations across the globe are facing challenges in running effective covid-19 vaccination programs. Inadequate cold chain equipment is one of the key challenges, which can lead to inefficacy of the vaccines and cost human health. With Godrej’s decades of expertise in refrigeration technology, the brand offers a range of advanced cold storage solutions for vaccines and life-saving supplies that can help governments across the world in their fight against the covid-19.”

“This pandemic has underscored the need to be future ready when it comes to vaccine cold chain infrastructure. As a group we are constantly transforming to get newer technologies and partner to make the nation self-reliant. Our latest offering of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers will help make India more ready for vaccines of the future as well. This endeavor also brings alive our ethos of Made in India for the World.”