KMCH shows how to turn old age a golden age

Celebrates 27th Anniv. of City Center & 26th Anniv. of Senior Citizen’s Health Club

Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH) organized the 27th Anniversary Function of KMCH-City Center and the 26th Anniversary Function of Senior Citizen’s Health Club on 2.10.2019. Sumit Sharan I.P.S., Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City was the Chief Guest. Dr.Arun N.Palaniswami, Executive Director, KMCH presided over the event.

In his address, Dr. Arun Palaniswami said, Dr.Nalla G.Palaniswami, the Chairman of KMCH (who is abroad on a personal trip) has given his warm wishes for the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr.Arun said he wants to share his perspectives on ‘Mindsets’. He recollected a guest speaker- Inspiring Ilango who delivered a motivational speech to a gathering. He said apart from being a speaker, Ilango holds a scuba diving & sky diving record despite being blind. He quoted Ilango’s answer when questioned how he was able to do such feats, “It is my job to inspire people and when I can do, everyone can do it”.

Dr.Arun stressed that people are too often burdened with what they cannot do and find less time in thinking about what are the many other things they can do.  He wished every one develops a positive approach and quoted Gandhi’s words “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” which he says would define every dutiful citizen.

He borrowed Gandhi’s words to convey how beautiful one’s life would be when it is used to help others,  “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”

Sumit Sharan I.P.S. in his address said very rarely someone comes forward to bring a change in other’s lives and Dr.Nalla G.Palaniswami is one such person.

Sumit lauded the establishment of KMCH’s Senior Citizen’s Health Club which is giving the seniors the place and right people with whom they can talk about their like-minded ideas. “People need the company of similar kind of people” and this effort by KMCH for the last 25 years is commendable.He congratulated the seniors for being active members of the club, “any association without active membership cannot be successful”, he stated.

Dr.B.Vishnu Varthan, Consultant General Medicine, KMCH City Center addressed the seniors on how to make their old age a period of gold age. He conveyed what are the precautions they will have to take to attain such an end.  He suggested dementia and other memory related degenerations are inevitable but taking countermeasures like talking with friends, engaging in hobbies in the 60s could delay the effect.

He said they must take attention if they have any type of injury to the head, especially if it is due to a fall. He recommended that they keep a guard rail in the stairs.

If there is a disturbance in the sleep patterns in the night, he recommended that instead of taking sleep inducing drugs, he asked them to reduce day time naps to 30 minutes on a maximum level, go for a walk in the evening and let their body take in natural light. He asked not to sleep with the lights turned on.

He mentioned that as they age, they will gradually lose their hunger and the sensitivity of taste. He wanted them to not take too much salt to equate the lost taste.

He advised that after 70 years, they can stop depending only on medicines for their diabetic control. He wanted them avoid polypharmacy practice.

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