Find Time to Fuel your aspirations – Vinod

Debutant Pro-Artist makes his Dream come True

Career and Aspiration fail to synchronize for most people because they fail to find adequate time for both of them. Finding harmony between work and life has been a challenge especially in the present times.We could see a lot of people around us who unearth their gifted potential at a time that is long overdue. Some smart ones manage to find a proper balance between the two and inspire the aspiring generation.

The Covai Mail came across one such person Mr.Vinod, Deputy General Manager, Stores & Logistics of L&T Valves who is also a Fine Artist. He has made his debut as a Professional Artist by exhibiting his paintings in Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery. In his solo exhibition titled ‘Naturestrokes’, he has displayed 51 paintings; most of them are Acrylic on Canvas, Oil Pastel on Paper, Watercolor on Paper, Oil on Canvas and Soft Pastel on paper. His paintings are mostly about nature, landscapes reflecting nature in various forms and Still-Lives.

Being a Deputy General Manager of a leading MNC, this artist says he spends two hours a day and finishes one painting in 3 weeks and states that he finds self-satisfied when he paints. “This is a dream come true moment for me to do a solo-exhibition in one of the most iconic art galleries of Tamil Nadu- Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery” says Mr.Vinod.

“A few are gifted with God-given talents. We may excel in our school and college days but when we turn as professionals, we struggle to find time to give excuses when we fail to follow our aspirations. It is my feeling that one must respect his talents and develop it to the full extent with full enthusiasm. It is difficult to find time but it is certainly worth it.”

The exhibition began on 11.9.19 and ends on 15.9.19. The gallery is open from morning 10 a.m. to eve 6 p.m. For further details, contact – 0422 2574110

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