Apple to mass-produce iPhones in Chennai, prices expected to get low soon

Apple iPhones are a technological marvel and it is one of the most sought after gadgets by teens and grownups, alike.

Terry Gou, Chairman of Foxxcon, a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company which primarily manufactures Apple iphones said that India will see a mass production of iPhones this year.

With Apple’s sales margin touching new lows due to the severe competition from native manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei, Apple looks at India as its potential next big market. A data obtained from Gadgets 360, states that in 2018, Indian have purchased 140 million smartphones.

So far manufacturing of Apple’s phones have been done in Bengaluru but those were older models. Foxxcon’s plant in Chennai will be manufacturing newer models soon and after that full scale assembly is set to take place.

With sourcing and complete production made in India, Apple’s expensive iphones will certainly get a price cut and this could also boost its sales in India.

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