Sameera Reddy teaches trolls a lesson

Sameera entered Tamil movie industry with her debut flick Varanam Ayiram. The Romantic movie garnered her positive reviews and she made her mark in Kollywood as one of the most promising actresses. She starred alongside Vishal in Vedi, Ajith Kumar in Asal and Madhavan in Vetai.

She got married in the year 2014 and is blessed with a son and is now expecting her second child. She posted her baby-bump pictures on her official Instagram page recently. After a while, online crazies shamelessly/senselessly began to assault her, comparing her pictures of the past with her present state.

Trolling has been on the rise and while some celebs chose to ignore it, some give a fitting reply. This is what Sameera  had to say to her trolls: “I want to ask people, who indulge in body shaming, you have also taken birth through your mom’s body, right? And after giving birth, did you ask your mom, is she still hot? Body shaming is very wrong and disgraceful. Pregnancy is a natural process. And not many people can be like Kareena Kapoor, who can look hot even after giving birth. I am very happy with my figure and enjoying my pregnancy.”

Being a mother is a divine blessing and a mother is compared to a Goddess in our culture and literature. Sameera, we are sure, has taught her trolls a nice lesson.

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