Ladies Circle of India Donates 1100 Breast Milk Packets

Ladies Circle of India – Area 7 President, Rani Mohan, donated 1100 special breast milk collection packets and 5 cooler bags to Amritham Foundation during the World Breastfeeding Week event at Brookfield Mall, Coimbatore. The foundation promotes breast milk donation to support women’s health. LMF Cr. Cheryl Santhosh, National President of Ladies Circle of India 2023-24, commended the efforts of the Ladies Circle of India – Area 7, especially the project convenors, Sital, Savitha, Sivakami, Sindhu, and Neha. Rani Mohan said that the foundation has been working for 54 years to enhance girls’ health, education, women’s progress, and the welfare of the elderly, with plans for more services in the future.