Axis Mutual Fund Launches Axis Nifty IT Index Fund, Tracking NIFTY IT TRI

Axis Mutual Fund, one of India’s fastest-growing fund houses, has announced the launch of their latest offering, the Axis Nifty IT Index Fund. This open-ended index fund is designed to track the NIFTY IT TRI and aims to provide returns that correspond to the total returns of the index, subject to tracking errors. The fund will be managed by Hitesh Das, an experienced fund manager.

With a minimum investment amount of Rs. 5,000 and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter, the Axis Nifty IT Index Fund offers investors an opportunity to replicate the performance of the NIFTY IT TRI. By investing in this fund, investors can gain exposure to a diversified portfolio representing the stocks in the NIFTY IT index.

Index funds, like the Axis Nifty IT Index Fund, are known for their objective of replicating the performance of a specific stock market index. This ensures that investors can benefit from the growth potential of the IT sector by investing in a fund that closely mirrors the NIFTY IT TRI.

Investors have the flexibility to invest in the Axis Nifty IT Index Fund through various systematic options such as SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans), STPs (Systematic Transfer Plans), and lump-sum investments. The new fund offer (NFO) is open for subscription from 27th June 2023 to 11th July 2023.

Axis Mutual Fund aims to provide investors with a convenient and efficient investment avenue to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the IT sector through the Axis Nifty IT Index Fund.