‘The Delhi Files’ will talk about Tamil Nadu also – Director Vivek Agnihotri

Director of the controversial film The Kashmir Files Vivek Agnihotri is focused on making his next film with the title The Delhi Files which will concentrate on Tamil Nadu.

According to ANU, Vivek said “Delhi files will tell you lots of truth about Tamil Nadu also. It’s not about Delhi; it just showed how Delhi has been destroying ‘Bharat’ for so many years. Those who ruled Delhi destroyed everything, right from Mughal kings to the British to the modern times.”

“It is speculated that ‘The Delhi Files’ will be about the anti-Sikh pogrom in 1984 under the watch of the Congress government led by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi”, FirstPost reports.

Vivek recently spoke with ANI and said, “The year 1984 is a dark chapter in Indian history. The way the entire Punjab terrorism situation was handled, was inhuman. It was purely for vote bank politics and that is why terrorism was cultivated by the Congress party in Punjab. First, they created it, then they destroyed it, then they killed lots of innocent people and then covered it up. To date, there has been no justice, what can be worse than that.”

Vivek’s previous film, The Kashmir Files highlighted the Kashmiri pandits’ exodus in the 1990s and it had strong support from the BJP.  “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also used the movie as an opportunity to slam his political opponents and critics, alleging that those who oppose it are the ones who tried to hide the truth about the violence inflicted on Hindus in what was India’s only Muslim majority state,” reports NDTV.

It must be mentioned that it was also made tax-free in many states including Gujarat, MP, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh. In Tamil Nadu, BJP State President Annamalai organized a special screening of this movie.

Now that the film-maker himself has said that the upcoming The Delhi Files will also have focus on Tamil Nadu, BJP TN is expected to give huge support to this film in the near future, as the narrative of the film could be of support to the party to grow in Tamil Nadu.

News: David Karunakaran.S