Covai gives Tamil Nadu its first female backhoe operator

In the view of Women Empowerment, SARU Syndicate, an authorized distributor of Mahindra & Mahindra in Coimbatore on Wednesday introduced the Tamilnadu first Female Backhoe Operator.

Angala Eswari is the First Female Backhoe Operator in Tamil Nadu.  She has the ability, punctuality, and hard work towards her profession. She prefers this profession as her passion. She may shine like a star in future. It is not an unusual thing, but a great deal to enrich women empowerment. She will be a great supporter to uplift our concern to reach the next level.

Speaking about women empowerment, women entrepreneurs Rukkumani Samiappan and Bharathi Sakti Balaji, say that we are training more women to enroll in the Backhoe operator works, which will develop the women community. We have thought to change this idea that women are only supported to work in the house, into women should go out, shine and be what they want. Over 1/3rd of the entrepreneurial ventures are run by women entrepreneurs. Due to economic progress, better access to education, urbanization, spread of liberal and democratic culture and recognition by society, there has been a spurt in women entrepreneurship in India.