PSG i-Tech student receives UNESCO’s recognition

Yogabalaji, a pre-final year student from Civil Engineering Department, PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research received the prestigious student level ‘GREEN PIN Recognition 2020’ from UNSECO recently.

He participated in the International conference on “Climate Reality Projects” conducted by UNSECO. He created awareness about the climatic changes to the school students in Coimbatore and Madurai.

Observing his contributions, Ministry of Human Resources Development, India included him as a member in the Samadhan – a challenge to fight against Covid-19 and future.

Yogabalaji was the only student representative from India and delivered a lecture regarding the implications of Global Warming and Climatic Changes in the above conference. He was conferred the Green Pin Recognition 2020 for his commendable presentation in the conference from the former Vice President of America, Al Gore.