74th Independence Day : PM Modi addresses from the Red Fort

PM Narendra Modi arrived at the Red Fort on occasion of the 74th Independence Day of India.

The Prime Minister paid homage at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat. 

He inspected the Guard of Honor at the Red Fort and unfurled the Tricolor flag. The national guards gave a Rashtriya Salute to the flag.

PM said that we need to remember the brave hearts of our country. He said that this is a day to pay our respects to all those who are serving the nation – the defence personnel, police force, security personnel and the crores of citizens who are serving India. He paid homage to all the COVID Warriors and health workers. He offered his condolence to the lives that were lost due to COVID-19.

He said India is going through lots of challenges like flood, landslide and lives have been lost. He paid respect to the part of country that lost lives and assured the Government is with them to support. Due to COVID-19, Children were not allowed to take part in this year’s celebration. Modi mentioned that and said they had to kept away for safety.

The PM proudly said that India has taken the resolution to be self-reliant amid COVID-19. He said Aatmanirbhar Bharat  is in the minds of 130 crore Indians, and he is confident that India will realise this dream.  Though this dream to be self reliant nation has lakhs of challenges, India  has the potential to come up with crores of solutions.

While India focuses on economic growth and developement, humanity must retain the central role in the process, the PM said. He said there was time where Agricluture sector was struggling to feed our own people but now we have the power to feed our people and export our produce to other nations. He said when COVID hit, we imported N-95 masks, PPE kits and ventilators but now we are at a level of helping other countries.

He asked his fellow country men to  appreciate the local products- Be Vocal for Local.  He pointed that India’s developement is pulling MNCs across the world. Last year, there was an 18% increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to our country. This shows the confidence companies from around the world has on India’s policies, system, democracy and government.

For a self-reliant India, self-reliant farmers are important. For their benefit Agriculture Infrastructure Fund of Rs. 1 lakh crores has been created. Similarly education plays a key role in making this Self-Reliant India dream a reality. The PM said that the New Education Policy has been brought to achieve that.



  • In the coming 1,000 days, every village of the nation will be connected with optical fibre.
  • A committee has been setup to reconsider the minimum age of marriage for women.
  • Three Vaccine candidates for Covid19 are under different trials stages in India.