USA to help international public health bodies with $400 Million

President of the United States Donald J.Trump announced last Friday that USA ended its relationship with World Health Organization stating because of the latter’s sharing of inaccurate details to world nations regarding COVID-19.

WHO losing USA’s support is a huge blow to it because the US donates 400 Million US Dollars to it. Robert O’Brien, US-National Security Advisor said in an interview that if the WHO ends its corruption and reliance on China, USA will seriously consider coming back.

China spends 40 million USD and it is just 10% of what the USA commits to WHO. O’Brien pointed that the funds should not go through the corrupt international organization that is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

O’Brien said that USA will spend that $400 million on other international public health bodies. The amount will go to organizations like ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and ‘Red Cross’ among others. He added that front-line health workers will also get benefited.  He said it is not WHO that is helping the lives of HIV/AIDS victims in Africa but it was the USA.