PSG Hospital to honor organ donor’s families & create awareness on organ donation tomorrow

In connection with Indian Organ Donors Day which is observed on 27.11.2019 every year, PSG Hospitals is in plans to do a couple of awareness program on organ donation in the city tomorrow.

To know more about this, when The Covai Mail spoke to Dr. J.S. Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Specialty Hospitals, it was learned through him that there will be a mock organ transportation drill tomorrow at 8 a.m. and it will involve 4 dummy organs that will be brought from the airport in exactly how normal live organs would be handled and it will make a swift arrival at PSG Hospitals.

The plan is to create an awareness through the drill  and to bring to the public’s eyes the various helping hands from govt, airport and the hospital that involve in the transportation of an organ for a transplant.

Dr.J.S.Bhuvaneswaran added that PSG Hospitals will felicitate family members of organ donors for their invaluable act of kindness and generosity in a function which will also be held tomorrow (27.11.2019)

Talking about how Govt and Private-bodies have come together in Tamil Nadu in regards to organ donation, Dr.J.S.Bhuvaneshwaran said the Govt of Tamil Nadu and Health Minister Dr. C.Vijayabaskar have understood the need of organ donation in Tamil Nadu and have provided much support in that area to hospitals. He added that private organizations and associations like Lions Club, Rotary Clubs, Confederation of Indian Industries and other various NGOs all have been very much supportive in facilitating organ donation in Tamil Nadu. When it comes to donating organs, Tamil Nadu stands first among all states in India.

Talking about PSG Trust’s role in creating awareness about Organ Donation, he said “since the year 2006, we have been taking up initiatives to spread this awareness. In 2010, we inspired 1000 students to pledge their organs for donation. We conducted flash mob and quick quiz. We collaborated with Actor Sivakumar and other celebrities to interact with the public on organ donation.