Sree Annapoorna Hotel’s allegations are false – KG Group 

The dispute between Sree Annapoorna Group and KG Group because of the building occupied by the restaurant belonging to Sree Annaporna Group in the KG Hospital campus on Govt. Arts College Road, Coimbatore has seen new heights recently. The KG Group has issued a press release regarding the recent issue.  The following content is a brief of the statement. 

KG Hospital, started in 1975, and run by K Govindaswamy Naidu Medical Trust, in its campus has a building, abutting Government Arts College Road, in which its canteen is functioning. The canteen is for the patients, their attenders and the employees of KG Hospital. 

For the canteen K. Damodaraswamy Naidu Brothers were the licensee; and their firm came to called as Sree Annapoorna. The canteen came into existence 4 decades ago.  

KG Hospital has at present only one entrance from the Travellers’ Bungalow Road. In order to comply with the Government’s requirement, it wanted to have another entrance from the Government Arts College Road via a 27 feet access that already existed. 

The building occupied by its canteen, operated by Annapoorna, has to be demolished to provide the entrance to the Government Arts College Road. For this purpose, KG Hospital wanted Sree Annapoorna to vacate its canteen multiple times but they did not respond. Other tenants of the land, including Kovai Pazhamuthir Nilayam, had vacated long back. 

The Health and Family Welfare Department of Government of Tamil Nadu has imposed a requirement that all hospitals should have minimum two gates/exits with approach roads on opposite sides for easy movement of vehicles during an emergency. Fire Service and Rescue Department has been insisting on this in its inspection of KG Hospital. 

The hotel building has been prohibited for use as a public building by the order of the Coimbatore North Tahsildar. The Tahsildar has also issued direction for the removal of the building forthwith. Heavy rains in Coimbatore during the last two weeks dampened the asbestos roof sheet over the kitchen of the building operated by Sree Annapoorna group leading to dilapidation of the kitchen wall facing the hospital. 

 It is regrettable that Sree Annapoorna Group through press and social media is bringing disrepute to the KG Group by circulating false news about the collapse of the building. 

The KG Group also informs that it will initiate appropriate legal action for demolition of its Canteen Building to comply with Government’s orders.