Sow the seeds of change among children -J.S.Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Specialty Hospital

Since 1974, every year on June 5, the World Environment Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries. This day is promoted by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

In this regard, PSG celebrated the occasion by spreading the message of saving the environment and by planting saplings in the hospital campus. The celebrations were presided over by J.S.Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Specialty Hospital.

He inaugurated the planting of saplings and addressed the press. He said, “Protecting the environment is one of our paramount responsibilities. Just like how every single vote plays a great role in deciding the future of a nation, so does every individual’s effort matters in preserving our nature.  We instill in our children unity by administering national pledge. We must take steps to make our children pledge that they will protect this environment. We must tell them, at a very young age, the importance of keeping our surroundings safe. The seeds of change must be sown in them.

At this moment, I would also like to request the corporate organizations to reduce using papers for their correspondences and other communication. Instead, use the digital platform as much as you can. In this way, we can avoid the cutting of huge number of trees from which papers are sourced. I ask my own people who run different departments to consider doing this.  Conglomerates need to put a check on their carbon emission, plastic disposal and the way they utilize resources too.”

When we were in PSG Hospitals, we found that they follow what they suggest. PSG Hospitals and PSG IMSR is a role model in being environment-friendly campus. For instance, PSG Hospitals and PSG IMSR Campus treat 10 lakh liters of water per day and use it for Green Belt Development in their campus. All bio-degradable wastes such as leaf-litters, vegetable-wastes etc are converted into organic manure by using vermicomposting technology. By this way around 30kg o organic waste is produced per day. This manure is used as fertilizer for gardening, landscaping and agricultural purposes.  1/3rd of the land is for the growth and preservation of trees and plants. The food waste produced from hostel canteen and hospital dietary is used for bio-gas production.  The entire quantity of bio-medical waste is handed over to M/s.Tekno Therm Industries, Orattukuppai, Coimbatore which is CPCB/TNPCB authorized bio medical waste processing facility. Moreover the hospital has been following a plastic-free practice since long time. For their laudable activities, they have been awarded the Green Hospital Award in 2019 by the Coimbatore Corporation.