Aussie Couple grow Human size Cabbage

Human beings have the habit of coming up with new stuffs every day and a couple from Australia were no different. Setting goals for those interested in kitchen gardening, they grew a giant cabbage, equivalent to the size of a human.

Norwood and her husband gave wings to their goal in April 2018 and just like a mother who cares for her baby even before its born, the couple toiled hard to see their dream turn into a reality. It took nine months for the cabbage to grow the size of a human and it must have been a real challenge protecting it from predators.

Where there is a will, there surely will be a way and this Australian couple using wired fences ensured that nothing damages the crop. They also managed to keep out butterflies and slugs using a fine, mesh net.

For those who aren’t aware, the record for heaviest green cabbage is held by an Alaskan cabbage which weighed about 62.71 Kg. Clearly the couple had no intention of entering record books, for it was consumed by them.