Look beyond your Obstacles & Boundaries

– N.Venkatesh, Founder, Sysmantech and Innovative HR & Training Services P.Ltd.

Whether it is career or entrepreneurship, clear vision and abundant energy are required to achieve your goal. If we learn to absorb the positive energy that life offers us and make use of every opportunity, we can overcome all the problems we are confronted with, and achieve whatever our goal is.

An example of such perseverance to achieve one’s goal is the 23-year journey of N.Venkatesh, a first-generation   entrepreneur from Coimbatore, and the founder of Sysmantech and Innovative HR & Training Services P. Ltd. In 1991 he began his career as a Computer Service Engineer for a private firm. When 2021 dawns, he will be entering his 24th year as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Coimbatore. Ask Venkatesh what is the secret of his success, and he will tell you that it is his single-minded devotion to his mission that has enabled him to get past every hurdle in his long journey!

The Birth of Sysmantech

Since his time as a Service Engineer, a company of his own to offer quality hardware peripheral service support in Coimbatore had been taking shape in Venkatesh’s mind. It became a reality in 1997 when he founded Sysmantech in Saibaba Colony, Covai. Sysmantech offers A to Z of Computer system services, maintenance and technological support.

“Reliable Service is our unique selling ideology.We built Sysmantech from scratch and are committed to fulfil the requirement of customers without ever making compromise on service quality.” “With proper pricing and transparent operations, word spread about the company and gradually we reached every nook and corner of Coimbatore.” Venkatesh began providing on-site support to clients and soon became the go-to guy for computer service requirements in the city.

PCs for everyone!

Acknowledging that Sysmantech is synonymous with fairness and value, clients of the company started asking for PC sales as well. Venkatesh said, ’why not!’ “I love this business to the core. This is my first venture and I wanted to see it grow further.

So, I made it a Multibrand PC reselling company along with service support. Our customers are from all walks of life. We offer solutions to all of them. We have annual maintenance contracts with some of the biggest names in the industry and academia, and, at the same time, also provide sales and services to individual customers. To us, Customer is the king.”

“When we began, awareness about computers was not much among customers. We would ask them two questions, ‘What is your budget?’ and ‘What is the purpose you are procuring the PC for?’ Depending on the customer needs we suggested and delivered the products. With the changing times, today customers come with thorough ideas of their purpose and their own specifications. This made our job easier.” In 2005, Sysmantech began operations in Chennai. Their services have found a solid second base there.



Chennai & Covai Sysmantech Team with their Founder N.Venkatesh
Another section of the team with their Founder

Making the Most -24/7

“The market is never the same. Once we had clients from Karur, Salem, Erode, Tirupur and Nilgris. Their numbers were big, and so we had to send our service engineers to these regions. But with the local players emerging, we felt that we should keep our focus on Covai and Chennai, and make them our strongholds. The contribution of my staff has played a phenomenal role in Sysmantech’s growth.”

“Of course, my family was supportive but the kind of staff that I got was exceptional; the members shared my vision to move forward by working smartly. With them, I strived 24/7 and that took me to places and made me connect with a larger number of customers. I found that working continuously with the right team yielded results, offered rewards and also provided a great learning experience.”

Venkatesh said that there had been ups and downs in his business and he put the blame entirely on himself for the slumps. “A business remains yours if your focus is entirely on it. If you become complacent and get distracted from your focus, your business will no longer be yours. You can never afford to let go the reins. I learned that in my journey when things went down on a few occasions. I corrected the way I conducted my operations; I would never blame anyone else for it.”

Innovative Services & Beyond

Transferring knowledge and imparting skills are gifts only humans possess. But it has its own challenges and complexities. This is where Sysmantech’s next adventure lies. “We understood that youth and manpower are India’s most needed yet under-utilized resources, and we felt that these are what educational institutions and corporates are searching for.

We made ourselves the bridge between them by establishing Innovative HR & Training Services P. Ltd. in Chennai,” Venkatesh said. This company provides Corporate Training programs, Institutional Training and Recruitment Services for various domains. With expert trainers and consultants, Innovative shaped itself as an organization that could bring out the skilled professional inside every aspirant.

Innovative & Sysmantech’s Team Members with renowned orator Parveen Sultana, Writer Marabin Mynthan Muthiah & Paraman Patchaimuthu

Apart from this Innovative Service Venkatesh runs South India’s largest Professional Speakers’ Bureau. “Our involvement in this area has led us to get associated with some of the biggest names in public speaking.” When we looked at the speaker profiles, we found it incredible The list includes Parveen Sultana, Bharathi Baskar, Sun TV Patimandram fame S.Raja, Erode Mahesh, Dr.G.Sivaraman, and Neeya Naana Fame Gopinath, Gaur Gopal Das to name a few.

Motivational Speaker Gaur Gopal Das interacting with the audience at a workshop organized by Innovative

“We concentrated on enriching our Networks than on Net Worth. We consult with the clients about their requirements for a guest speaker and connect them with the right person,” said Venkatesh. “When I began my business, it was blessed my former employer at Krisan Engineers. Their moral support has been immense in my growth since Day One. Even today I maintain a very good relationship with my employer. He is one my great well-wishers”

Venkatesh is a Rotarian and he is Past President of Rotary Club of Madras North. Regarding this he said “Rotary is a noble organization through which I got many opportunities to work on charitable projects that could benefit the poorest in society and help the deserving. I feel that growth is not about me or my close circle. It should expand to benefit others as well. Through Rotary and by my own efforts I have been fortunate to help my fellow humans and I consider that as a blessing in my life”

What’s in store for Sysmantech & Innovative?  

“Patience and Perseverance are the two most important things in any entrepreneur’s life. We will have to wait for our moment with perfect preparation. Having come this far, I have a desire to make Sysmantech an IT Company or a big solution-provider. It should evolve in its domain”.

When asked about the next big addition in Innovative, Venkatesh said that as they have a good connection with Tamil Sangams across the world, they will launch a World Tamil Learning Community by this year. Virtual speaker sessions focusing on Learning & Development concepts will be held on subscription basis. Venkatesh’s journey began with the passion towards the industry with a disciplined approach. With the never ending zeal despite the hardships, with a proper plan for the future and a wider vision for the future to grow beyond his limits, assisted by like minded colleagues, he has earned the trust of several thousands of clients in Tamil Nadu. One thing that we could take from his story is – We should make ourselves INNOVATIVE!