Covai Girl is winning India’s heart on Flipkart’s Reality Show

Flipkart Video recently launched Entertainer No. 1 – a unique stay-at-home reality show aimed at encouraging Indians to entertain and be entertained while staying safe at home.

For the past 7 weeks, millions of Indians from all over the country have been engaging with this one of a kind show by participating and bringing out their creative best as well as voting for their favourite entries on the show.

Along with the overwhelming showcase of unique talent, the show has also witnessed many participants overcoming numerous hurdles to emerge successful. One such participant who has turned challenges into opportunities is sixteen year old Vaishnavi Saravanakumar from Coimbatore.

Daughter of a driver, Vaishnavi has witnessed hardships in the form of gender bias, discouragement from friends and family as well as recovering from serious injuries like a slipped disc. Through it all, her father has been her pillar of strength and has constantly encouraged Vaishnavi to prove everyone wrong while making her dreams come true.

Given their humble background and monetary issues, Vaishnavi’s father would often borrow money to ensure nothing stopped his daughter from shining through. The young girl calls her father her ‘Superhero’, and has ensured she has made him proud by winning fame on multiple reality talent shows on TV, as well as the “Young Achiever Award” from the India Yoga Association and Government of Tamil Nadu.

Her feather in the cap moment occurred last year, when she was invited as a chief guest for a competition that she had participated in earlier but did not win.

The little yogini who has been fondly bestowed with titles like “Yoga Rani” and “Yoga Natchathira”, is excited to be on Flipkart Video’s Entertainer No.1. Along with winning 1 lakh rupees on the show, Vaishnavi has made it to the top 50 and is working hard to make it to the top winners list even at the Grand Finale of the show.

From dancers to acrobats, magicians to actors and everything else in between, the showcase of talent so far on Entertainer No. 1 has been astounding with top entries winning India’s ‘hearts’ that take them to the top. The show has renowned names from the industry like Varun Dhawan, Bharti Singh and Raghav Juyal who have been mentors to the participants in their journey through the show.

The show has been specially curated to keep India engaged and cheer people up during this difficult time, while more importantly, staying at home. People can follow Vaishnavi Saravanakumar as well as view other performances on Entertainer No. 1 by following these easy steps.