A big Salute & Thanks to our Army Men

Today the 15th of January is a special to our soldiers as this day is celebrated as Indian Army Day. On this day, the sacrifice of the soldiers who gave their lives while serving the country is commemorated.

The day is also noted for the transition of control over the Indian Army from the last British officer General Francis Butcher who was the commander-in-chief of India to Field Marshal K.M.Cariappa on January 15, 1949. The celebrations is held in all army command headquarters in India.

This year, India is celebrating the 72nd Army Day. Reports mentioned that for the first time, a woman army officer- Captain Tania Shergill will spearhead an all men contingent in Delhi. Special Parades will be held, Awards for gallantry and medals will be presented to heroes.

It must be said that India stand 2nd among world nations to have the highest number of active military soldiers. It has 1.395 million soldiers.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said “On Army Day, I salute all valiant Indian Army personnel and recall with pride their indomitable spirit, valor and sacrifices in making India a safer place”