Injecting Insulin in the proper way is paramount in managing diabetes

Insulin, discovered in the year 1922 by three medical scientists- Sir Frederick G Banting, Charles H Best and JJR Macleod remains a very effective part of managing diabetes. Injecting insulin as per doctor’s advice helps diabetic patients to keep blood sugar level in control more effectively. The percentage of people with diabetes in India increases every year and even children below 10 years are turning diabetic.

Administering Insulin remains the ideal way to keep diabetes in check and to spread the needed awareness about it to people, BD India organized an awareness campaign in Coimbatore with leading endocrinologist Dr.Balamurugan, Chief Diabetologist, Kovai Diabetes Speciality Centre& Hospital to convey the effective way of injecting insulin and many other details about insulin, in connection with the 98th anniversary of first successful insulin administration on January 11th, 1992.

Addressing the gathering, the doctor said that while injecting insulin injection, if the same spot is used regularly, it will lead to formation of lump under the skin caused by accumulation of extra fat which will absorb the insulin and will lessen the effect . He asked the patients to avoid using the injection in the same spot. He advised the patients to use new and disposable needles/syringe.

He demonstrated the right way of using injection. A teen who is taking insulin via injection daily upon the doctor’s advice addressed the gathering and said that he is feeling active and living a normal life like the rest. He even said that the fear of needles is disappearing from little ones like him.