PSG SS Hospitals Performs Rare Cosmetic Surgery

On 16th August 2019 the Department Of Aesthetic / Cosmetic Surgery of PSG SS Hospitals successfully operated on a 19 year old male patient from Ooty who was suffering from a very rare disease called Parry Romberg Syndrome.

The cause for this disease is unknown. It is supposed to be of Auto – Immune aetiology. The disease is characterised by atrophy and shrinkage of the skin and all the soft tissues of the face including the scalp. Since the patient has been suffering from this disease for past 10 years secondary changes in the bones and teeth had also occurred.

After thorough work up and a strong support from the Anaesthesia and other departments, they were able to do a free gluteal dermal fat grafting to the affected side uneventfully. Fat with the deeper portion of skin was harvested from the both buttocks and transferred deep to the facial skin on the affected side after creating a pocket under the skin and was contoured . Since the grafted fat has a tendency to shrink in time , a 30 to 40 % excess correction was done . This will settle down and after shrinkage match the opposite normal side . After 3 months he will need minor procedures to improve his face appearance . The post-op period was fine and patient has fully recovered and discharged in 3 days .