Innovators at PSG STEP get 4th Round grants

PSG-STEP has sanctioned Rs.41.00 lakhs to 5 innovators under NIDHI-PRAYAS Grant and 3 aspiring entrepreneurs has been selected for NIDHI-EIR program which extends Rs.30,000 per month as fellowship for one year.

The release of 1st installment of the sanctioned amount to the NIDHI-PRAYAS Beneficiaries and the handing over the sanction letter to NIDHI-EIR beneficiaries was held  on 28.08.2019 at PSG-STEP, PSG College of Technology in the presence of L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee,PSG Institutions .

Between July 2017 and Feb 2019, in 3 rounds innovators under Nidhi Prayas have been sanctioned funds to enhance their project. Now, in the 4th round, Cibhi Sel ven, Eco-friendly Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastics project was given

Rs. 6.00 lakhs; Parthiban Subramaniyan’s A Novel Radio Transparent Solution for an External Fixation in Orthopaedics was given Rs. 9.50 lakhs; Muthu Vangaliappan’s Wind Mill Watcher was allocated Rs. 8.60 lakhs; Ankit Mohan’s IoT Biometric System for Realtime Staff Monitoring by SMEs was supported with Rs. 7.90 lakhs and  Gowrishankar Doraisamy’s Fresh Tea Making Machine was given Rs. 9.00 lakhs.

The healthcare innovation identified by PSG-STEP will be supported from Centre for Biomedical Innovations – PSG IMS&R [PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research].

For innovators under PSG-STEP : NIDHI – EIR, between July 2017 and  Feb 2019, in 3 rounds a standard financial aid, say Rs. 30,000 for every month for a period of 1 year to enhance their project was given. In the 4th round, 3 innovators has been sanctioned with an amount of Rs.30,000 per month for a period of one year.

Manivasagan’s project FASSTER – Fast Autonomous Scanning & Sorter Tool

Economical Rewireable,  Sarath kumar’s LICK – An Autonomous Tool for Maintenance Activities and Vimalraj’s Economic Graphene Supercapacitors for Power Boosting and

Storage project were each sanctioned with Rs. 30,000 per month for 1 year.