PSG Hospitals urges to ‘Donate organs &Save lives’

Every year, on August 13, World Organ Donation Day is celebrated. PSG Hospitals took up the value of organ donation to the patients and visitors by placing a huge white board where an instructor introduced to the people about how they can donate their organs after their life is over. Donor’s Card was placed and interested people numbering close to 350 had signed and expressed interest in donating organs.

The Covai Mail found many people – young, middle-aged and old signing the board. When we asked a person how did he come across the idea of donating his organs, he said a volunteer at PSG spoke about it and he acknowledged that his organs are going to turn into dust , which if he donates to others could add life; and that is what he has willed to do. He encouraged others to think of doing the same.

A spokesperson from the hospital conveyed that in the past many had hesitations to donate their blood and had unnecessary fears but today it has turned very common. Like that, the day, where people freely think of donating their organs post their time on earth, is not far. We learned that the attitude of people in society has changed and there are many who are volunteering to donate their vital organs.