PSG MAA’s Summer Camp grooms kids uniquely

PSG Management Alumni Association (MAA) has kicked off its Summer Camp 2019 for kids. The camp commenced on  22.04.2019 and concludes on 04.05.2019. We visited the venue today and entered the yoga hall where the dance session was held. It was a pleasure to see the kids who were so energetic and eagerly involved in the activities. They were given instruction by a dance choreographer and the students enjoyed every bit of it.

We learned that this Summer Camp is one of the signature events of PSG MAA and in this camp Arts&Craft, Yoga, Western Dance, Traditional Games, Storytelling, Magic Show, Health Checkup, Kids Quiz and Vedic Education along with short talk on Food Waste, Good Touch &Bad Touch, Home and Road Safety, Basic Etiquette & Manners, restricting the use of plastic and kids diet are given to the kids.

The fee includes Veg Lunch, Snacks and Resource Materials.  The best part of this camp is to make them attain self-motivation and inculcate eco-awareness into the minds of the kids from this young age.

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