Taxi Driver takes the IPL excitement to new heights

IPL is India’s biggest Cricket tournament, hands down. To businessmen behind the teams it is just business, to the players it is a do or die moment, to broadcasters it is a job, to merchandisers it is a jackpot and to fans, it is more than a game… it is larger than life.

But to many cricket crazies, it would not be possible to view the scores while they are in the office or at an event that needs their attention yet they sneak inside their google score card or some cricket app;s notification to know scores. But for those who are on the rum in the street but still dying to know what is the score, this driver from Hyderabad has a solution. He has set a miniature score board over his taxi’s roof and he displays the scores live.

This has received several applauses from IPL/Cricket fans and it even got the attention of International Cricket Council. They through their official Twitter page posted the picture of the driver’s car on road and captioned it ” When Cricket is life”.

True, this IPL season seems to be bigger than ever and cricket, at least for Indian fans is life.