Vice President of India presents the degree certificates to PSG iTech graduates

PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research (PSGiTech) held its 1st Graduation Day in the most prestigious way by inviting Venkaiah Nadu, the Vice President of India as the Chief Guest and K.Ananth Krishnan, CTO, Tata Consultancy Services as the Guest of Honor.

L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities and Mohanram, Principal, PSG iTech graced the occasion with their presence.

G.R.Karthikeyan, Founder Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities welcomed the gathering.

The Guest of Honour addressed the gathering. He first congratulated the parents and the graduates. He said the time they entered into PSG iTech is different from the current time. “The world of business is being disrupted by digitally empowered competition”, he pointed.

He stated that we are living in an industrial age that has reached its 4th stage ; Industry 4.0 – the most advanced one yet, and there greater expectations among the people, especially the consumers. He mentioned that the products and services need to be personalized.

While highlighting all that needs to be done by the future architects of India, he also stressed that in the coming times energy crisis and water crisis will become high and companies around the globe that take up the eco-friendly movements as a part of their CSR activities will take it as a part of their trade operations.

He suggested the graduates to invest in themselves and follow their hearts.

Distribution of the Certificates for the meritorious students of each major of the PSG iTech followed. The Vice President did the honours.

The Vice President spoke to the gathering. He began by greeting everyone in attendance with a Vanakkam. “Tamil & Tamil Nadu are close to my heart” he said. He wholeheartedly congratulated the noble initiatives the founders of PSG & Sons’ Charities took and lauded their practice of seeing the society as their family. “Sharing & Caring is the core of Indian Philosophy”

He stated about Azim Premji’s magnanimous donation of 7.5 Billion USD to philanthropy and said India has been treating the entire world as their family.

He also highlighted the city’s own hero Padmanaban Gopalan, one of the brains behind ‘No Food Waste’ who has been honored by the UN for their vision to recover excess food for the use of needy.

He expressed that he considers his visits to universities and educational institutions as pilgrimage. “I reach out to youth by visiting Universities and educational institutions”, he registered. He said that he is retired from active politics and is now keen on interacting with the talented youth who are the future of the nation.

He said his interaction extends to the fields of Science, Research, farming and Agriculture. With the interactions with the intelligent youngster and wise seniors of these fields, he briefs the PM and President the things to be strengthened.

He highlighted that India is on its way to become the third largest economy according to several ratings, and it is being recognised and respected in the world arena.

At the juncture he also made it clear that the students must not think that their education is for employment alone but also for the enlightenment and empowerment.

He stated that India is a young nation with youth taking 65% of the population. He wanted this wonderful resource to be used well. He wanted the graduates to know that life is not just about elevation of the nation’s economy but also about music, arts and yoga.

He expressed his wish that the students hold firm to 5 precepts : respecting their mother, Native place, Mother Tongue (which he stressed is paramount), contributing to their Mother Land and honouring their guru. “Google cannot replace your guru” he pointed.

He suggested that education through their mother tongue language should prevail in every state. He also wished the students to eat healthy native food which have been time tested and be physically active to maintain a sound body. He wished the students to Aim High, Dream High and Work High.

The Guest of Honor then gave away the degree certificates to all the graduates and the event came to an end with the National Anthem.  

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