Covai’s new ecomm., JingleBid with Best Price & Fast Delivery

JingleBid, a Chennai-based e-commerce company, has set foot in Coimbatore and is planning to woo local sellers and regional customers here.

Offering best price and quick delivery to the door-steps as its strong suit, the company considers connecting with local players, told the press & media, the leadership team including Srivas Anantharaman and Venkatesh Kannan and Sudarshan here on Tuesday.

JingleBid goes for an Asset-like model, not an inventory/warehouse model. As a local commerce marketplace, the sellers, its partners, in the neighbourhood. Via JingleBid, a huge range of electronic goods, kitchen accessories, lifestyle products and automobiles can be bought.

When a customer (user) orders a product, multiple sellers in that region will be notified, and will start offering their lowest price. Once the best price among all the sellers is finalized by JingleBid, it will be revealed to the customer who can then finalize the order and expect delivery within 24 hours.
For the benefit of sellers associating with the company, the product price they sell and the price available online will be evaluated, and if the seller is quoting a higher price than it’s online, the sellers will be advised about the steps to take to attract more customers.

The company, initially concentrating on Tier 1 cities like Chennai and Bengaluru, has 4.5 lakh users so far. As 50% of their average user per day (10,000 approx.), came from Chennai and the rest came from Covai and other cities, JingleBid has started paying attention to the Tier-2 cities. Here at Covai, they are initially planning to rope in 100 sellers in the first three months.

Venkatesh Kannan recalled that with 30 days of association with a seller in Chennai, they were able to increase his sales by Rs.75,000 to Rs.I lakh to him. This is the goal here. He said there are only two-three key players in this e-comm space and they are planning to break that.

JingleBid aims to empower local sellers with consulting in areas like high-moving products in their region, inventory maintenance, pricing etc. once they join hands with them. All deliveries made by JingleBid is free.

Any issue/damages arising out of the products purchased via Jinglebid can be sorted out via the sellers right from the Android.iOS application or via the hotline. The company also offers easy product returns policy.