Providing Holistic Education with Humanity

While embarking on a very long journey, passing certain milestones indicate that we have crossed a considerable distance and that we are on the right path towards our goals.

Park Group of Institutions which started its educational service in the year 1970 is now in its Golden Jubilee year. Its growth is incredible.It began as Kindergarten school in Tiruppur and over the years has grown in volume and value, and now standsincorporating 15 Institutions spread across Tamil Nadu (Matriculation, Residential and Global Schools, Three Engineering Colleges, Two Polytechnic Colleges, Two Architecture colleges, a Maritime Academy, an Arts College and a Business School).

As institutes accredited with NAAC and NBA, Park Higher Educational Institutions offer the A to Z of education and beyond. Speaking to Dr. Anusha.R, the CEO of Park Group of Institutions, we have got to know that so far around one lakh students have graduated from the Colleges under Park Trust, and around fifteen thousand to twenty thousand students are on its roles right now.

“We have almost all courses under our umbrella”, she said. In Engineering alone, Park offers 18 programs which you cannot find in many colleges. For instance, Gio Informatics is a course that no institution in Coimbatore offers and Environmental Engineering is another program that no other college in the State offers. “These courses have niche areas and give the best opportunities to students. Our specialty is that we will have all the courses that will provide value to the students in future.”

“The fact that we have created opportunities for students in and around Coimbatore to learn anything they desire, really makes us feel satisfied. We are very happy to step into the golden jubilee year”, she said.

Dr.Anusha says their vision is to give the best opportunities to the students, be innovative and give holistic education with humanity, and she is very confident that the journey will continue for the next 50 years. When almost 7 lakh to 10 lakh engineering students graduating every year, Park Institutions have been conscious of what additional values they are offering to their students.

She says that the MoUs Park Institutions have inked with important and relevant academies give a boost to the students in the long run. For instance, an International MoU signed with a Canadian organization for handling Big Data has been useful to all of the engineering students at Park Engineering Colleges.

Through the high-functioning clubs in the colleges, the students get exposed to culture and creativity. In a recent study by Times of India, Park Engineering College has been ranked the 54th Best Engineering college. Its B-School gets constantly ranked by Business Barons as the 20th best in India. “All these bear testimony to the quality of education we offer our students”, she added.

Park Institutions take innovation and research very seriously. Dr.Anusha, who is one of the Charter Members of TIE Coimbatore Chapter, and the organizer for Ted X Coimbatore, has experienced the value of entrepreneurship and what it could mean to an individual and society.

Under a program called Imaginathon, the first-year engineering students are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas. When the ideas arefound promising, the students are further nurtured with mentoring and entrepreneurship support. When the students ideate a product, they are encouraged to make it a product and apply for patent.

She proudly states that in the 50 years Park Institutions have produced at least 10,000 entrepreneurs, among whom a few have really made high-impact social innovations. One alumnus, she could immediately recollect, is Mr.Prashanth, an Environmental Engineering graduate. His E-Recycling venture is the first company to be accredited by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

“We provide the environment for students to become entrepreneurs, and they can always come back here, give back to our students and encourage the Spirit of entrepreneurship.” Dr. Anushahas underlined that the Management is very resolute that students of Park Institutions should be well skilled in all fronts

The world is full of challenges, and we need to prepare the youth to have the mind that is stable and be prepared to face them. “While we teach them to learn, we see that they imbibe the practice of unlearn and relearn…We are implementing the best practices we see around the world to empower our youth, who are our biggest strength.”