Say hello to T-HR 3, the prototype Real Steel Robot.

Japan is a fantasy land where some new inventions make the news and set the world on fire. Known for technological inventions on a grand scale, Japan’s Toyota has fantastically invented a robot which we have only seen in sci-fi films. It is called T-HR-3. A robot which can be manipulated remotely via wearable controlling devices; just like how we saw in the movie Real Steel but sadly it needs development.

Although in its nascent stage, this robot will serve humans in the near future. It is labeled as Human Support Robot (aka) HSR. As Japan’s citizens are mostly aged, this will be of good use and help to them once it develops greater capabilities. 2019 will certainly be a year for accelerated process for this robot and we can expect it to serve the senior citizens and the bed-ridden.

The future holds great promises and Japan is the place where bigger innovations will follow, it seems.