Side effects of Green Tea

Going green is the need of the hour be it lifestyle, fashion or food habits. Green Tea is on everyone’s lips be it in any part of the world including road side stalls. Everyone talks about the benefits of having Green tea like weight loss, help in digestion, improving metabolism and improving heart health. But, anything and everything which has effect also has its own side effects. Everyone knows the benefit of having Green Tea twice a day but how many of us know the harmful effects of having Green Tea itself.

Green tea if consumed too much can increase the caffeine levels in our body which is very dangerous for the heart. Not many know that it originates from same plant as Black tea but undergoes lesser processing. It is also know to reduce absorption of iron meaning even if one eats iron rich foods, it will be of no use to the individual since iron will not be absorbed in the body. Stomach ailments and headaches are other common side effects of having Green Tea apart from insomnia and dehydration.

Hence, it is very important for us to choose what we eat and drink along with how much quantity. Going green is just not enough, if we turn a blind eye to side effects.